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Welcome to the most comprehensive listing of Northern Neck places to eat.  We have spared no expense to track down even the most remote of eating establishments.  Our investigation has uncovered about 115 places that offer food either to dine in or carry out or both.  

These dining opportunities range from world class (in our opinion at least), to well ... let's say "interesting".  But you be the judge.  We have sorted them by County and Town as location appears to be more important in the Northern Neck than choice of specific bill of fare. 

We have included in our listings several restaurants that are no longer in business as they are often erroneously carried as still operating by some listing services.   We don't want you hungering for an eatery no longer serving, but when we know, we try to tell you a bit about what happened and point you to the follow on establishment - if there is one.  

In the food service business things change faster than anyone can keep up.  If you know of more recent or correct information than is posted here, please drop me a note of explanation --> Restaurant Update News.  I might buy you a dinner.

Be sure to check out our Mystery Diner Reviews for great eateries that you may have been missing.

Be the first to eat at all 115 establishments in 2007 and get a $115 gift certificate to the eatery of your choice in the Northern Neck.  All  you need to do is send me an EMAIL notification of your participation and provide a dated 2007 sales receipt from each establishment.  Good luck and happy feasting.


  •  IRVINGTON 22480 *** AC: 804
    Closed, See The Local 
    The Local
    4337 Irvington Road
    Unique Characteristic: 

    The Trick Dog Café 
    4357 Irvington Road
    Unique Characteristic:  The Trick Dog is named for a sooty statue of little black dog which survived the Great Irvington Fire of 1917. A local man gave the statue to his son, telling him it was a "trick dog" because he didn't need to be fed, and he would always sit and stay. The dog now resides here, where you pet it for good luck.

     Trick Dog
    Tides Inn Resort - Chesapeake Club, Lounge and Coffee Bar
    480 King Carter Drive
    Unique Characteristic: The Chesapeake Club is the Tides Inn’s signature restaurant. The multi-tiered layout of the club and East Room accommodates various parties of guests while preserving a more serene atmosphere for those who want a quieter, more intimate dining experience. As you enjoy views of the Tides Marina and Carters Creek, savor regional American cuisine featuring the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay and Northern Neck paired with our Wine Spectator Award of Excellence wine list.
    Tides Inn Resort - Miss Ann - The Miss Ann has been SOLD, but leased back and still available.
    480 King Carter Drive
    Unique Characteristic:  For truly unique experiences take a cruise on our National Historic Yacht, the Miss Ann, that features a variety of luncheon, dinner, cocktail and full moon cruises into the Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay, or be your own Captain and take a Picnic Basket lunch on one of the resorts electric boats (up to 6 passenger) and explore Carters Creek with your entire crew.  2008 Cruise schedule is available HERE.
    Tides Inn Miss Ann 
    Tides Inn Resort - Commodores Cafe
    480 King Carter Drive
    Unique Characteristic:  Commodores is an informal and fun pool and waterfront café serving lunch and early dinner seasonally. Located creek side at the main pool overlooking our own sandy beach, Commodore’s is a seasonal restaurant known for its casual light menu featuring specialty “signature cocktails”
    Tides Inn Resort Golden Eagle Golf Course - Cap’n B’s
    480 King Carter Drive
    Unique Characteristic:  Located upstairs in the clubhouse at The Golden Eagle Golf Club, Cap’n B’s New Orleans-style restaurant features a hammered tin ceiling, belt-driven ceiling fans, and an antique oak and marble bar in a country club setting with a New Orleans and regional luncheon menu.


     KILMARNOCK 22482 *** AC: 804

    Alley Café
    608 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  Alley Cafe is now a sports bar  


    Arby's - Closed 29 Mar 07
    608 North Main Street
    See "The Alley Cafe"  
    Arby's & Chubbys - Kilmarnock 

    Bay Breeze Deli
    CLOSED - Became ChazzBzz, but that closed also
    See ChazzBzz below


    Blue Heron Pub & Grill
    CLOSED - Now Rose's Steakhouse

    Why is the Heron blue?  Because the Blue Heron is closed and for sale 
    Bluewater Seafood and Deli
    Chesapeake Commons Shopping Center
    459 North Main Street
    Break Pad Restaurant

    Reopened Friday,
    16 Feb 07 as
    the CarWash Cafe -
    See Below

    Buenos Naches Mexican Grill
    45 South Main Street
    CLOSED - For Sale 

     Buenos Noches
    Carried Away Cuisine 
    10 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic: 
    Carried Away Crusine 
    CarWash Cafe and Catering
    Chris Mart Shell Station
    North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic: Where else can you fill you tank with gas, get a carwash, and have breakfast or lunch all at one stop?  The CarWash Cafe and Catering is newly opened on 16 February. Check out their menu HERE, gas and wash prices not included.  Read the Mystery Diner review HERE.
    CarWash Cafe and Catering - Kilmarnock 
    Chesapeake Café 
    See Rose's Crab House & Raw Bar
    ChazzBzz Cafe 
    CLOSED - Call Chase Mgmt for Info: 252-492-8990
    ChazBzz Cafe - Needs new owner 
    De'medici Fine Italian Restaurant
    CLOSED - Gone, too bad.  It was GREAT!
    Dixie Deli 
    50 Irvington Road
    Unique Characteristic: 
     Dixie Deli - Kilmarnock

    Doraldo Italian Restaurant
    433 North Main Street
    CLOSED - See Great Fortune Resturant 

    Great Fortune Chinese Restaurant 
    433 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  Excellent Chinese Food. 
    Great Fortune Restaurant in Chesapeake Commons Kilmarnock 
    Harcum's Kitchen 
    CLOSED (If there ever was such a place in the south side of Kilmarnock)
    Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant 
    410 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic: 
    Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant - Kilmarnock 

    Jimmies Grille 
    CLOSED - See Rose's Crab House & Raw Bar


    K C Cues and Crabs
    10428 Jessie Dupont Memorial Highway
    Unique Characteristic:   Located about 2 miles north of Kilmarnock on Route 200, K C Cues is part Pool Hall and part Crab House.  Features a deli for a quick "to go" and off sale beer.  Small parking lot, but lots of room inside. 

    Kelsick Gardens Too
     Kelsick Gardens - Kilmarnock
    Kentucky Fried Chicken - KFC 
    433 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  One word: Buffet!  KFC Kilmarnock has a buffet that makes this place one of the best meal deals in town, if not the eastern seaboard.  Of course finger lick'n good chicken is the featured dish, but the side dishes and desert make a meal that put to shame the skimpy portions Mama McNeal feeds her son's football team.
    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Kilmarnock 

    La Brasserie Americaine 

    238 North Main Street

    Unique Characteristic: CLOSED - See TreyLeighs

    Thai Poi - Kilmarnock
    Lee's Restaurant 
    30 South Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  You  really haven't been to Kilmarnock if you haven't had breakfast, lunch or dinner at Lee's.  Home cooking away from home.  Actually, what everyone really go to Lee's for is desert -- home made pies.  Get their early, because when they are gone, they are gone.  Their carryout menu is HERE
    Lees Restaurant - Kilmarnock 
    McDonald's Restaurant 
    388 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  Modernized and remodelled in March 2012.  Has WIFI hotspot available for customer use.
     McDonalds - Kilmarnock
    McPatty's Restaurant 
    CLOSED - See The Alley
    Northside Grille 
    CLOSED - Site is now Walgreens Drug Store
     Northside Grille - For Sale
    238 North Main Street
    435 6649
    CLOSED - See TreyLeighs 

    Thai Poi - Kilmarnock

    Pipers Pub & Tea Room 
    CLOSED - See Blue Heron (Which is also Closed and For Sale)
    Pizza Hut 
    589 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic: Pizza plus a nice salad bar
    Pizza Hut - Kilmarnock 
    Rappahannock General Hospital Restaurant

    Unique Characteristic:   Yes, RGH has a nice little snack bar/restaurant that is open to the public.  It serves good food at a modest price.  Hours of operation are limited. 
    Rappahannock General Hospital Snack Bar/Cafeteria 
    Rose's Crab House and Raw Bar
    652 North Main Street
    Rose's Crab House and Raw Bar - Kilmarnock 

    Rose's Steakhouse and Saloon
    37 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  Kilmarnock's newest restaurant.  A bit of the ole West right here in the Crossroads featuring an emphasis on prime steaks, creative salads and unique appetizers. 

    Sal's Italian Pizza Restaurant 
    North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic: 
    Sal's Pizza - Kilmarnock 
    Smokin' Joe's Bar-B-Que (Now "Savannah Joe's")
    55 Irvington Road
    Unique Characteristic:  Speciality is pork and beef ribs s-l-o-w-l-y cooked over hickory embers.  You cannot even begin to believe how good Smokin's Joe's ribs taste.  And that's before you add any of their unique bar-b-que sauces.  My standard for measuring great ribs. 
    Smokin Joe's Barbeque - East Coast Finest Ribs and Pulled Pork 

    Subway Sandwich Shop 
    North Main Street

    Unique Characteristic:  Typical Subway fare.

    Also, Subway has a branch in Wal-Mart.

    Subway - Kilmarnock 
    Stevie's Ice Cream
    North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  Kilmarnock's own long anticipated true ice cream stand featuring softserve cones, shakes, dips, and smoothies.  2008 Menu is available here.

    Swanks on Main
    36 North Main Street
    Now occupied by the return of a new Thai Pot (see below)

    Swanks on Main - Kilmarnock 

    TREYLEIGHS Fine Food and Spirits
    238 North Main Street
    Monday - Closed
    Tuesday - Saturday
     - Lunch 11:00 to 3:00
     - Dinner 5:00 to 9:00
    Sunday Brunch - 10:00 to 3:00

    Unique Characteristic: Trayleighs features all locally raised produce, meats and fish.  Nothing frozen.  All cooked fresh and visible at the front of the resturant.  Local farm providers include:  Georigatown Farms, Garners Produce, Wild Bison Farm, and Good Luck Cellars


    Thai Poi - Kilmarnock

    Check the entry way chalkboard for daily specials.

     Download a typical menu

    Charlotte's (formerly the Talk of The Town Cofee Shop)
    41 South Main Street

     Talk of the Town Coffee Shop - Kilmarnock

    Thai Pot -- Closed
    238 North Main Street

    Unique Characteristic:  See

    Thai Pot returned in May 2010 to 26 North Main Street, formerly SWANKS on Main. (See Thai Pot below)

    Thai Poi - Kilmarnock 
    Thai Pot
    36 North Main Street
    Unique Characteristic:  Thai Food.
     Swanks on Main - Kilmarnock

     LANCASTER 22503 ***AC: 804

    Lancaster Tavern
    8373 Mary Ball Road (Route 3)462-0080
    Unique Characteristic:  Lancaster Tavern is a Historic Landmark.  The oldest place in town, the Tavern, although the nondescript, chocolate-brown clapboard siding belies its true age. The date on the modest sign - you have to be paying attention or you'll likely miss it - says 1790, but historians don't all agree. It may date to about 1750.  The Tavern is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served on Saturday and Sunday.  The Tavern has been renovated and is operated as a Bed and Breakfast.

     Click to Enlarge
    Bar Point Seafood
    Route 3
    Unique Characteristic:  A touch of a Hawaiian beach in the heart of Lancaster

    Net Cruisers Cafe
    8872 Mary Ball Road
    Breakfast and Lunch
    Open Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
    eMail:  Holly

    Unique Characteristic:  NetCruisers Cafe is located across from Lancaster High School, near the Lancaster Courthouse District in Lancaster Virginia.   

    The Perfect Touch

    Unique Characteristic: 

    LIVELY,  22507 *** AC: 804
    Corner Restaurant
    5360 Mary Ball Rd
    Lively, VA 22507
    Unique Characteristic: Great Crabcake Sandwiches
    Corner Restaurant - Lively 
    Lively Market
    5396 Mary Ball Rd
    Unique Characteristic:  Nice little deli inside.  And they make pizza also
    Click to Enlarge
    The Oaks
    5434 Mary Ball Rd
    Unique Characteristic:  Great little restaurant is a very small town. One reviewer wrote: "When you are looking for a good meal and a stiff drink look know further than the Oaks. Their food is wonderful, Blackened steaks (primerib & ribeye) are the best in the Northern Neck."
    Click to Enlarge 
    Upperdeck Crab & Rib House Restaurant
    1947 Rocky Neck Road, Mollusk
    Unique Characteristic:  Great Crabs & Ribs (can you say "surf & turf") on fantastic waterfront setting.

     WHITE STONE, 22578 *** AC: 804

     William Crosby Snack Bar - CLOSED


     Click to Enlarge

    Lancaster Landing
    327 Old Ferry Road
    CLOSED - Now Willabys

    Lancaster Landing - White Stone 

    Paperback Writer
    Closed and Gone. Aug07  =(


    Click to Enlarge 

    Rice's Inn - CLOSED

    Rice Inn - White Stone 
    River Market 
    1 Rappahannock Drive
    Unique Characteristic:  "River Market has an incredible carry-out menu, specials, gourmet shopping items, and wine and beer, domestic and imported.  Jim is great and he and his wife cater too.  River Market is on my speed dial for nights I cannot bother to cook!"  -- Tee Ransone
    River Crossing Restaurant - See Lancaster Landing Lancaster Landing  
    Rocket Billy's
    851 Rappahannock Drive (Route 3)
    Unique Characteristic:  A true hamburger stand in the traditional sense of the word, but ... WOW!  what excellent burgers!  The crab cakes are pretty darn good also.  Don't blow through White Stone without stopping for lunch at Rocket Billy's.  Its easy to miss as Billy's stand is on the south edge of the Lambert Lumber parking lot.
     Click to Enlarge
    Sandpiper Restaurant
    850 Rappahannock Drive (Route 3)
    Unique Characteristic:  The speciality is seafood.  One thing about eating in the Northern Neck, everyone has their favorite place to go, but everyone will also agree and tell you that if you want a great meal at a fair price, go to the Sandpiper.  Go early if you go.  People start lining up outside the doors about 15-20 minutes before they open.  If you miss that slot, it can be a long wait.
    Click to Enlarge
    White Stone Wine & Cheese
    572 Rappahannock Drive (Route 3)
    Unique Characteristic:  Small intimate dining with a French flair.  Delightful experience.  You will get to meet the chef at the meal's end. Read Mystery Diner review HERE
     Click to Enlarge
    Willabys Catering & Café
    453 Rappahannock Drive (Route 3)
    Closed due to fire.  Moved to former "Lancaster Landing" 
     Click to Enlarge

    Willabys Catering & Café
    327 Old Ferry Road
    Lunch:  Monday - Saturday, 11:00 to 3:00
    Dinner:  Thursday - Saturday, 5:30 to 9:00 PM

    Unique Characteristic:  Features a casual Menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, and killer homemade desserts.

    Lancaster Landing - White Stone
    Windmill Point Restaurant & Lounge - CLOSED I would provide a picture, but the old Windmill Point facilities washed away with the Isabel and Ernesto 

    WEEMS, 22576 *** AC: 804

    Tartan Golf Shop Restaurant 
    633 Saint Andrews Lane
    Unique Characteristic:
    "They have good sandwich fare and specials and are open for Sunday lunch. Really low key and suited to golfers and such." -- Tee Ransone

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