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Dining in the Northern Neck - Northumberland County

 BURGESS, 22432  *** AC:804 ***

Crabby Waterman Restaurant & Lounge (Previously Italian Garden Cafe)
15345 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
CLOSED: DeGaetahi's Restaurant below

Crabby Watermen Restaurant and Lounge 

DeGaetahi's Restaurant
15345 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic: Italian - Opening 28 Apr 08

Crabby Watermen Restaurant and Lounge

Italian Garden Café & Pizzeria
15345 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
CLOSED:  See Crabby Waterman 

Newsome's Restaurant 
205 Jessie Dupont Memorial Highway (Route 200)
Unique Characteristic: Sort of reminds me of the Northern Neck's version of a truck stop restaurant - no nonsense, inexpensive common food in sizable protions that is very good.  Don't be fooled by all the trucks out front during the noon hour.  Ladies are welcome too.  Don't pass Newsome's by without giving it a try.
Newsomes Restauratn - Burgess 
15017 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic:  Daddy'O's features a 'retro-environment; By "retro"  means it will have American dishes such as 'sliders' (mini-hamburgers invented by White Castle in the 1940s) and buffalo wings, a more recently developed American dish.  It will also feature 'gourmet' pizzas.  See menu HERE.

T&T's Restaurant & Seafood Deli 
CLOSED:  See Daddy'Os
T and T Resturant - Burgess 

CALLAO, 22435  *** AC:804 *** 
Callao Dairy Freeze
362 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic: 
 Callao Dairy Freeze
For The Occasions Café & Sweet Shop
803 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic: 
 For the Occassion
Nino's Pizza
58 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic: 
 Nino's Pizza
Tavern on the Green
262 Quinton Oaks Lane
Unique Characteristic: 

 HAGUE, 22469  *** AC: 804 ***

AC Café and Sports Grill
284 Branson Cove Road
Unique Characteristic: 
Driftwood Restaurant
Highway 612, Coles Point Road
Unique Characteristic: 

HEALTHSVILLE, 22473  *** AC:804 *** 

Bambery's Restaurant & Lounge
8200 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Rice's Hotel/Hughlett's Tavern
73 Monument Place
Unique Characteristic: 
Subway Sandwich Shop
Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic: 
Subway Heathsville 

Waterman's Restaurant
8200 Northumberland Highway
Heathsville, VA 22473
Open Thurs-Sat: 5:00 to 9:00PM
Unique Characteristic:  Specializing in steak and seafood, our focus is on service. As our guest, you will enjoy great American cuisine in a family friendly atmosphere that also offers an elegant flair. Don't guess on steak and seafood in the Northern Neck. Discover for yourself what the community already knows!

 LOTTSBURG, 22511  *** AC: 804 ***

Cafe Lotte
2816 Northumberland Hwy
Lottsburg, VA 22511
  See General Store Restaurant below

General Store Restaurant
2816 Northumberland Hwy
Lottsburg, VA 22511
Unique Characteristic:  Opened in February 2007.  The General Store is open Monday through Saturday for lunch only 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM.  Here are the July 2007 Lunch Menu.

 General Store Restaurant - Lottsburg
Lottsburg Cafe
2919 Walmsley Road
Unique Characteristic: 

 REEDVILLE, 22453  ***  AC: 804 ***

Chitterchats Gossip Parlor
856 Main Street

Unique Characteristic:  Speciality: Ice Cream
Cockrells Creek Seafood & Deli
567 Seaboard Drive
Unique Characteristic: 
Elijahs Restaurant - See Tommy's  
Fairport Marina
300 Reed Avenue
Unique Characteristic: 
Festival Halle
177 Main Street
Unique Characteristic: 
Horn Harbor House Seafood Restaurant
300 Reed Avenue
Unique Characteristic: 
Little River Market & Deli
16335 Northumberland Highway (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic: 
The Crazy Crab
902 Main Street
Unique Characteristic: Pull right up to the pier in your trawler and tie off. Then hop off and pull up a dock side outdoor table at the Crazy Crab.  A great place to dine and watch the local water traffic.  The owner used to be a menhaden spotter pilot and his wife is the daughter of a menhaden fisherman.  If you don't like the seafood here, then you don't like seafood period.  This a great place for fresh caught crab.
Tommy's Restaurant
729 Main Street
Unique Characteristic: 

 VILLEGE, 22570  *** AC: 804 ***

Mai Lan Restaurant
Richmond Road (Route 360)
Unique Characteristic: 


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